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MarineBusiness-World across the Asia Pacific


TetraMedia, the marine news authority established in 2000, operates the largest online Marine News network in the world, encompassing Sail-World.com and Powerboat-World.com and MarineBusiness-Worldcom with 15 sites world-wide.  

 Sail-World.com with regional sites in UK, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and the USA covers both racing and cruising. It is a highly regarded source on the world sailing news scene, with content re-run by sites around the world. 


Tetra Media’s Powerboat-World.com is now the largest boating news site in the Asia Pacific, delivering boating news to its audience weeks and months before the magazines. The Powerboat-world online newsletter circulation across Australia, New Zealand and Asia and now the northern hemisphere now exceed 35,000

Building on that strong base, TetraMedia launched MarineBusiness-World.com, focusing on industry news from the Asia Pacific region in 2007.

The founding editor, Jeni Bone is a Gold Coast journalist who has a strong back ground in marine business news. Each week she seeks out news from the region, from Industry bodies, Trade Shows, major manufacturers, distributors and newly launched enterprises.

The MarineBusiness-World weekly online newsletter, easily the largest specialist marine business publication in the Asia Pacific is rapidly expanding it North hemisphere audiences goes to an industry audience of 18,600 weekly.


Between them Sail-World, Powerboat-World and MarineBusiness-World receives over 90% of all the boating news traffic in the Asia Pacific.


Monthly unique readership is now exceeding 125,000.


Standard Ad Packages in AUD$ for MarineBusiness-World for the Asia Pacific cost between $315 and $795 per month + GST (where applicable).


High impact Boat Show and multiple site packages are available.


Google, Yahoo and other search engines and news feed services index all the TetraMedia Marine sites news stories within five minutes of publication, hence large volumes of  traffic come from Internet searches.  As well as indexed news, images and video, the sites all have a suite of sophisticated download systems for product brochures, screensavers, etc. 


The most significant benefit all the sites share is the ability to deliver an Advertiser's own dedicated newsletter to the respective readers’ permissioned databases. Advertiser's newsletters across Australia, New Zealand and Asia will reach 45,000 readers (without duplication).


The TetraMedia sites online advertising delivers instant media reach too. Because we've been online in the marine news area for a decade with a proud track record, our news coverage goes to over 900 different media groups including national and international marine websites.


Powerboat-World and Sail-World packages and MarineBusiness-World deliver outstanding brand exposure to audiences because of frequency of ad and story exposure.


Email mailto:advertising@marinebusinessnews.com or call +612 (0) 49772116 for more information.