Sydney Boat Show display winners recognised

Volvo Penta display
Jeni Bone
Each year awards are given to stands that have been judged as having stood out above others. This year, again the judging was very difficult with split decisions making the final call on the winner difficult.

Riv night

Stands were judged using the following criteria; recognisable staff and staff presentation, signage, product or brand identification, innovative display or fresh concepts, display effort and visual appeal, lighting, access to stand and or products, having a central information point and information available, and Creative lifestyle elements.

According to marketing and event manager, Domenic Genua, this year's efforts were commendable given the new circumstances, with the split venue and the challenges this presented.

'We approached the show knowing that we would have our challenges,' he stated. 'We made decisions on what we knew, and made plans for things we thought would eventuate. Overall, we are confident that the major of our actions were correct. Keeping in mind that the BIA were not the only ones making assumptions and decisions, we believe that the result of the show was good. We understand and recognise that not everyone had a brilliant show, but we also know that others did.

Volvo Penta
Jeni Bone

'This was the 47th Sydney International Boat Show, and no doubt it will continue for decades to come. For those that visited, the Association, its members and exhibitors demonstrated why recreational boating is one of Australia’s favourite leisure pastimes. From our learnings in 2014, we will be able to do that even better in 2015.'

The importance of exhibitors making efforts each year to innovate their stands and present 'fresh and appealing' displays is to optimise their chances of selling to a well-informed crowd.

As Genua explained: 'Boat Shows provide numerous opportunity for exhibitors and one of those is to create, develop or change their public profile. Boat Show visitors are highly qualified boaties. They arrive to buy, learn or simply be amongst a like-minded community. Putting your best foot forward at the show not only has short term benefits, but long term ones as well. It demonstrates to the visitors how you would like to be perceived in the market place and shows your brand personality. Custom stands don’t have to be built every year. Good stands can be re-used for numerous years.'

Congratulations to this year’s winners:

Jeni Bone

Displays of Excellence
• Volvo
• Boating Safety Zone/Lifejacket Lounge
• Hunts Marine
• Sunseeker

Best Engine Display
• Mercury

Best Boating Display
• TR Marine World

Jeni Bone

Best Chandlery Accessory or Electronic Presentation
• Navico

Jeni Bone

Best Hall Display
• Sirroco

Jeni Bone

Best Marina Display
• Riviera

Jeni Bone

Best Overall Display
• Mercury

From feedback from visitors to this year's event, Genua said that for the most part, response has been positive.

'The one thing that was certain in 2014 was that there would be change, not only for our industry but also those that visited the show. Fortunately, the whole ferry transfer service was embraced by most as being an added bonus. We did have a number of comments regarding the transfers, and we concede we had some teething problems. In total we provided 56,000 ferry transfers in five days. As soon as we determined how delays were occurring, we implemented Plan B to reduce any inconvenience.

'Above everything else, we sought a safe passage for all our guests, and that’s something we don’t apologise for. The new interim facility was well received. The semi-transparent ceiling gave the exhibits great lighting during the day and everyone loved the Lifejacket Lounge featuring the Beach Barbeque. There was certainly plenty of food and beverages consumed there!'

The 48th Sydney International Boat Show will run 30 July to 3 August 2015.