Serenity Marina offers a yacht sanctuary in southern China

Serenity Marina Sanya
Serenity Marina, Sanya
China is considered to be the second largest economy in the world today with the rate of expansion and development even exceeding the progress of some countries in the west. With the growth of China’s economy comes the awareness and growing interest of the people especially the high net worth individuals to the yachting lifestyle. We have seen this growth in the success of different yacht shows in different countries in the South East Asia including Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan just to name a few. These countries are haven for different heesen yachts for sale, cruise yachts for sale or any cabin cruiser boats for sale.

With the growing market for yachts in Asia specifically in China, There is a growing need to increase the number of marina in and around the region. We have seen this with the development of the yacht haven in Phuket as well as a plan to build another marina in Vietnam.

In mainland China, Serenity marina offers one of the few yacht marinas in the country. Sanya is located in the southern part of mainland china and it is also one of the few places where a marina is available. The availability of the marina in the region offers to strengthen the yachting industry in the country and to make the people aware of the yachting lifestyle.

Serenity Marina in Sanya can accommodate up to 325 yachts with lengths of up to 40 meters. The marina also offers facilities such as areas for refitting and yacht maintenance. There is also an exclusive yacht club which offers membership for guests and yacht owners in and around the region. Accommodation for the yacht owners, guests as well as the captain and his crew are also provided. There are also different kinds of shops including café’s and restaurants as well as other entertainment for the guests. A marine academy is also available so that the crew can take short courses that can help them further improve on their services.

The marina has also been selected as one of the stop over for the annual Volvo Ocean race. This has added to the popularity of the marina which offers as a beacon in promoting the yachting industry among the locals and foreigners as well. The marina provides services the Asian market which includes different countries in the region. Serenity marina also caters for seminars and conferences as well as private events for the yachting community.

Aside from the 325 berthsa available, there is also a refueling service as well as the availability of chartered yachts. The crew can use the dry cleaning as well as catering services provided by the marina. A yacht rental is also available for guests that do not have their own yachts and want to experience yachting first hand.

With a variety of services being offered by the marina, Yacht owners and guests would find it hard not to include this in their itinerary. Moreover, as the yacht sales in Asia increases, marinas like these will definitely be in demand in years to come especially since more and more Chinese are getting conscious of the yachting lifestyle.

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