NSW EPA supports Marina Industry Environmental Accreditation

Clean Marina - Level 3
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The Marina Industries Association (MIA)’s International Clean Marina program has been recognised as an innovative and proactive initiative by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), following the introduction of a new risk based licensing system. The system is aimed at improving environmental performance and outcomes of licenced operators and will also allow the EPA to better target regulatory efforts towards high risk and poor performing licensees.

The EPA thanked MIA in writing for participating in the consultation process for the risk based licensing system.

'The EPA supports the MIA’s Clean Marina Program and agrees that it is an innovative and proactive initiative that contributes to best practice by raising industry standards for environmental operation and management,' Acting Director of Reform and Compliance, Ann-Louise Crotty said.

Typically in NSW an average sized marina with 150 berths and an operational boat yard is currently paying between $4,500 and $5,500 pa to the EPA for an environmental protection license. As a result of these EPA changes to the licensing system, marinas that are MIA accredited level 3 or level 4 may be eligible for up to a 5% reduction in the license administrative fee.

MIA Vice Chairman Darren Vaux said the MIA welcomes this announcement as a positive step towards removing green tape from businesses that implement best practice. 'The MIA appreciates EPA’s changes and its support for the Clean Marinas program. We look forward to working cooperatively with the EPA to continue the process to effectively reward good environmental practices by further reductions to license fees and moving more of the (green tape) financial burden to non-compliant businesses'.

Chairman of the NSW Boating Industry Association Marinas Association David Randall CMM said the EPA change was very positively received at its recent committee meeting. 'This is a significant breakthrough in the EPA’s approach to marinas and we want to build on this benefit going forward'.

MIA has 61 marinas participating in the International Clean Marina program across regions extending from the United Arab Emirates to Victoria. There are 22 accredited Clean Marinas in NSW. Details on the Clean Marina program may be found on the MIA website.