Garmin’s compact echo dv fishfinders pack a powerful punch

Garmin echo dv fishfinders - echo 551dv
Ben Sandman
Ideal for kayaks and smaller boats, Garmin’s new echo™ dv fishfinders deliver near photographic views of structure and fish at a price that’s as compact as the units themselves.

Comprising four models – echo 551dv, echo 301dv, echo 201dv and echo 151dv – the high-resolution echo dv series includes an all-in-one transducer for 77/200kHz Garmin HD-ID™ sonar and DownVü™ scanning sonar, which can be displayed simultaneously on a horizontally or vertically split screen.

The echo dv series provides incredible underwater definition in shallow and deep, freshwater or saltwater – with remarkable below-the-boat views of bottom structure such as rocks, vegetation and drop-offs, as well as thermoclines, baitfish and target fish. Capable of displaying isolated targets and difficult-to-find secondary structure, DownVü’s finer, concentrated sonar signal not only allows users to see bottom structure more clearly, but helps anglers recognise variations in weed growth and bottom composition/hardness.

Smooth Scaling™ provides smooth transitions from shallow to deep water and back again, while narrow-to-wide viewing cone angles provide a big picture well beyond the sides of the boat. Sonar Rewind also allows anglers to scroll back into sonar history to pinpoint fishing hotspots.

Featuring a bright and crisp 12.7cm (5') colour display for excellent viewing in all light conditions and from all angles, the echo 551dv’s 4000W peak-to-peak power delivers fishfinding performance down to 700m. The echo 301dv (8.9cm/3.5' colour) and echo 201dv (12.7cm/5' grayscale), each with 2400W peak-to-peak power, have a maximum depth range of around 530m, while the echo 151dv (10.7cm/4' grayscale) can reach depths to 485m with its 1600W peak-to-peak power.

Garmin echo dv fishfinders - echo 301dv
Ben Sandman

Inline with Garmin’s philosophy ‘The Power of Simple’, echo dv models feature easy-to-use menu systems with touch-button control. Likewise, quick-release tilt/swivel mounts, plus transom and low-profile trolling motor transducer mounts, make installation a snap.

All four units also support 50/200 kHz and 77/200kHz Minn Kota and MotorGuide trolling motor transducers.

Garmin echo dv fishfinders have an IPX7 waterproof rating, with RRP starting from AU$249 for the Garmin echo 151dv.

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