BSE Brisbane Slipways open for business as normal

The Sydney Ferry MV Freshwater docked at BSE Brisbane Slipways
BSE Brisbane Slipways
BSE Brisbane Slipways wishes to reassure ship owners and operators in the South Pacific region that it’s Brisbane dockyard remains open for ship repair and engineering works as normal, and that it is not affected in any way by the recently announced closure of the adjoining Forgacs Cairncross Drydock.

BSE’s Brisbane dockyard recently completed a 10 week comprehensive maintenance program, replacing components of the slipway’s engineering system to ensure the highest standards of operation.

The program included offshore manufacture and importation of new cables designed specifically for the dockyard’s 2500 tonne slipway, which has the capability of docking vessels up to a maximum length of 100 meters overall. BSE also took the opportunity to carry out maintenance dredging between the slipway dolphins, specifically to cater for deeper draft vessels like tug boats, coastal traders and luxury superyachts.

BSE’s General Manager Gary Kidd said that he is very pleased that the strenuous maintenance program was now completed. 'The engineering requirements involved in docking ships of up to 2500 tonnes lightship on any slipway are considerable, and I’m pleased that BSE Brisbane Slipways is in peak operating condition. I’d like to thank those customers involved in the recent rescheduling of dockings and look forward to providing them with first class service'.

MV Larcom docked at BSE Brisbane Slipways
BSE Brisbane Slipways

In-water ship repair, engineering and steel fabrication works continued on at the dockyard as normal during the maintenance period.

BSE operates dockyards in Brisbane and in Cairns, offering multiple docking options and rapid response ship repair and refit services to luxury, commercial and defence vessels in the South Pacific region. In Cairns, BSE's dockyard facilities include a 1200 tonne slipway with sideslip options, a 61 meter drydock, 360 meters of fitout wharfage and fully enclosed superyacht refit sheds.

For docking enquiries and bookings, contact:

BSE Brisbane Slipways – Denis Maher Phone (07) 3902 3555 Email
BSE Cairns Slipways – Brian Keller Phone (07) 4015 1112 Email